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DJ Piligrim is a creative stage alias for Ilkhom Yulchiev.

He is the one of the most famous artists from 1998 till 2007 in Central Asia.
The tracks like “Milaya Leyla” “Kuk Choy” “Ya skuchayu” “I can’t live without you” are still popular and known as “superhit”. All these songs you may download in “Discography” section.

Альбом DJ Piligrim-NEW&THE BEST .

In 2007 Ilkhom Yulchiev established and became a head of ”Piligrim records“ company.
The main goal of company was to protect Dj Piligrim’s brand copyright and international integration.
Ilkhom, by the way, is the author of music and lyrics, who sings himself, makes records on “Piligrim records” base and publish his work on the “Piligrim recods” label.

In 2009 there was song named “Ti menya…” which was on the top of the charts of russian radio stations, such as: “Russian Radio” and “DFM”. Later on the artist gave concerts in CIS and baltic countries. The same year russian company “Monolit records” publishes the album “Ti menya…” in Russian federation and CIS countries. You can download this album by this link: DJ Piligrim-Ti menya…(2009). DJ Piligrim-ТЫ МЕНЯ…(2009)

In 2010 there comes into sight the “Synergy” album, which copyright belongs to ukranian company “Artur Music”. The songs are multilangual, some of them have several languages in use (Sinergiya, MF, Teamo). You can download it here: DJ Piligrim-C-ENERGY (2011)по ссылке DJ Piligrim-C-ENERGY (2011)

In 12.12.12 was the huge recital named “On line” with brand new creativity. All the songs are dissimilar. You can hear there an indian aftersound in lyrical songs and stylish sound in dance tracks. The song named “Dilim” was the most favourite in Uzbekistan charts. The album includes the “Ti menya..” track’s mix.
You can download DJ Piligrim-ON LINE.Скачать альбом DJ Piligrim-ON LINE.

In 2014 Ilkhom created an album named “One Way”. the album includes 14 songs. The “Oasis” song has it’s own video.

Also you can see the Toy’ota videoclip.